Monday, August 3, 2009

LEED 2009

LEED 2009 for New Construction and Major Renovations

MR Credit 3: Materials Reuse
1–2 Points

To reuse building materials and products to reduce demand for virgin materials and reduce waste, thereby lessening impacts associated with the extraction and processing of virgin resources.

Use salvaged, refurbished or reused materials, the sum of which constitutes at least 5% or 10%, based on cost, of the total value of materials on the project. The minimum percentage materials reused for each point threshold is asfollows:

Reused Materials -
5% = 1 Point
10% = 2 Points

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing components and specialty items such as elevators and equipment cannot be included in this calculation. Include only materials permanently installed in the project. Furniture may be included if it is included consistently in MR Credit 3: Materials Reuse through MR Credit 7: Certified Wood.

Potential Technologies & Strategies
Identify opportunities to incorporate salvaged materials into the building design, and research potential material suppliers. Consider salvaged materials such as beams and posts, flooring, paneling, doors and frames, cabinetry and furniture, brick, and decorative items.

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