Thursday, October 1, 2009

Goodbye, 4819 Harrisburg.

Photo by David Bush

The old Sterling Laundry & Cleaning Company building, and former studio/residence of late artist Bill Steen, at 4819 Harrisburg is no more. In preparation for the new East End light rail line in Houston, METRO began the disassembly of the building last week.

After several days of careful planning, joints were sawed into the steel-framed, stucco-clad facade.

Photo by Steve Parker

By the end of the week, a large crane was delivered to the site to assist with the removal of the facade.

What remained of the building waited over the weekend to meet its fate.

And on Monday morning, the rest was demolished in a matter of hours.

While it is unfortunate to lose an iconic landmark on the neighborhood's main thoroughfare, the community is excited for the long-awaited light rail line and is grateful for METRO's donation of the facade to the city park across the street.

A rendering proposing what Swamplot called, "Eastwood's very own mini Arc de Triomphe, celebrating the victory of time over the forces that wish to prevent its passage."


  1. Well at least there are some pictures. I don't "get" it in the park. I think I'd prefer it attached to a building, maybe the rail stop. Let us know.

  2. Thanks so much for identifying "Brise soleil" for us.

  3. What's to get...It looks good...The rail stop is a god idea too...

  4. I'd certainly prefer it in park over the dumpster.

  5. I think this is so cool! I'm sorry they had to take it down, but at least they found a way to preserve the facade in the park.

  6. Wow this is interesting! definitely cool that they preserved it...


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