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Traveling Members Should Plan Ahead

If you have clients or members who often travel and stay in hotels, encourage them to research the fitness facilities that are offered in the area’s hotels. A recent article in The Wall Street Journal found a wide range of equipment, services and prices among top hotels in various cities around the U.S. One trend among hotels is to offer a one-day pass to hotel guests to an area health club. The upside to this approach is that such clubs usually have more equipment and services than the typical hotel health club. The downside is that these clubs also tend to be more crowded, usually charge a fee for hotel guests to use their facilities and are sometimes a few blocks away from the hotel. Another trend is to have an outside management company manage a hotel fitness center. The upside to this approach is that these clubs are inside the hotel and usually don’t charge an extra fee for use. The downside is that they are not usually very large, and don’t have a wide variety of equipment and services. And, if the hotel club is more like a typical health club in size and amenities, it usually offers Continue reading