Avanafil Approval for ED Treatment

The recent avanafil approval has marked another competitive drug in the market for ED treatments like Viagra, Tadalafil, and Sildenafil. A lot of men were excited to know more about what the avanafil approval can offer to treat impotence. Although there could be a lot of advantages that the manufacturer Vivus has claimed about avanafil which you might not find with the other existing drugs, certainly avanafil has the same goal with the other ed pills and that is to increase blood flow towards the penis to attain erection. For decades erectile dysfunction has been the most common threat among the male population. For this reason ED pills have continued to evolve to improve the effects while lessening the adverse side effects. With the recent avanafil approval, you might find all of the positive advantages from each of the other pills all packed in one avanafil pill.

We cannot deny that a lot of people have questioned that with the current avanafil approval from FDA do we really need another erectile dysfunction pill. So far, avanafil has all of the latest research and development that a pill could ever have – faster onset of the drug, lesser side effects, longer lasting effects for up to 6 hours (although this still cannot beat the 36 hour record of tadalafil). But whatever the current dilemma in the market today it should not bother you after all since it is another subject. As long as you know that avanafil works for ED and it has been clinically proven safe and effective then there is no reason from keeping you to try the latest ed pill ever released in the market.

Avanafil is the latest product from Vivus with the aim of delivering faster results with lesser side effects. In comes in the form of a pill packed with all the perks you can find from the other popular ED pills. Since the avanafil approval is a revolutionary breakthrough in medicine, you might find it interesting to give it a try and see how it can help you improve your sexual life. Avanafil can start to take action in less than 15 minutes, with long lasting effects for up to 6 hours. Although it is not as long as tadalafil which can stay for up to 36 hours, the benefit of using avanafil is that you do not have to suffer a lot of side effects. The number of hours it lasts is just enough for you to enjoy a longer moment with your sexual partner.

Avanafil is so far the safest yet effective ED drug to date. To ensure optimum results make sure that you do not have contraindications once you begin to use avanafil. Moreover you should not take it at all if you have certain medical problems that should not allow you to engage in sexual activities. Follow the instructions given to you by your doctor.

The avanafil approval is another breakthrough to effectively fight the symptoms of impotence and is worth the shot.