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Hair loss can be a big issue for many men because they practically lose most of their confidence because of it.  This type of action is not strange, especially when you consider how a man normally pleasantly looks when he has full hair atop his head.  If you are used to having such and then suddenly grow bald because of male pattern baldness, it is likely that you too will experience the same loss of confidence that most men suffering with this condition are all too familiar with.

These days, there are plenty of hair loss treatments you can choose from.  However, the most effective of all, Propecia, is the only one of its kind as it is the only medication intended for treating hair loss.  Whereas most treatments involve treating the scalp only, Propecia, being a medication, is ingested into the system wherein it treats the condition of androgenic alopecia at a hormonal level.

Since the treatment that Propecia does involves limiting the levels of a particular hormone, it means that it needs to be taken on a daily basis to completely stop the progression of hair loss.  Since of such particular hormone does not stop in life, if you suffer from male pattern baldness, it also means that you need to continuously take Propecia for as long as you can.  The problem though is daily intake of Propecia can be very costly, especially when you take into consideration that you need to take it for nearly the rest of your remaining life or otherwise prepare to grow bald.  Fortunately, there is a generic drug version of Propecia which is finasteride 1mg and is only a fraction of the price of the branded hair loss treatment drug, Propecia.

The problem with finasteride 1mg, since it is a generic medication, is that you cannot finasteride 1mg for sale at your local favorite drugstore.  The truth is, most pharmacies and drugstores do not have finasteride 1mg for sale because what they carry is the branded version.  While it is true that there may be some that have finasteride 1mg for sale in their store, finding such store may prove to be difficult.  And even if you find the drugstore that has finasteride 1mg for sale, the chances of this store being near your area is very slim.  Not to mention finding the drugstore with finasteride 1mg for sale first in the first place.

If you are looking for finasteride 1mg for sale, the best place to look for it will be on the internet.  There are likely thousands of internet shops that have finasteride 1mg for sale.  All you need to do is make a quick search using your preferred search engine using the key phrase finasteride 1mg for sale, and you will receive lots of results involving the key phrase you used.  All you need to do now is shortlist the result and purchase from the internet shop that you fancy.  Make sure though to take into consideration the prices per pill they offer, how much discount you can get for bulk orders, and how much shipping cost they charge for your purchase.