Stop Losing Your Hair with Finasteride 1mg

Hair loss can really be a big problem, especially for men who have the genetic condition of male pattern baldness.  A lot of women concerns mostly on how to style their hair and how to keep them soft and manageable, but for men though it is a bit different as some simply struggle on how to keep their hair.  This is because if you have the genetic trait, meaning an immediate family member is already manifesting baldness, if you are a man, then it won’t be long until you follow suit.

Normally, the condition of pattern baldness is not visible until the late twenties to the early thirties.  This does not mean though that this is the time that the hair loss condition attacks.  In truth, the condition starts as early as in your late teens and early twenties, although the result is not very much discernible until several years later.  This is because androgenic alopecia sneaks in very slowly.  The process of androgenic alopecia is that it thins out the hair follicles very slowly up to a point that they are thin and weak enough to support the growth of hair.  The thinning process can span years and hair loss is manifested only by the thinning of hair strands, the reduction of hair line, and the visibility of the scalp at the crown through the hair.

For most men, when they learn that they are experiencing hair loss and balding issues, they normally resort to using hair growth formulas in order to help thicken and restore their losing hair.  While this may delay the process of substantial hair loss, it does not totally treat male pattern baldness.  There is actually no real treatment for male pattern baldness that is applied only externally.  The true treatment is actually a medication that is ingested wherein the effects of the drug stops the progression of male pattern baldness at a hormonal level.  This drug, finasteride 1mg, is the only approved medication by the American FDA for the treatment of androgenic alopecia.

What makes finasteride 1mg very effective in treating hair loss is that it treats the condition from within.  Hair loss brought about by androgenic alopecia occurs with three key elements – genetics, age, and hormone.  With our current technology, there is simply nothing you can do about the first two elements.  However, hormone is one thing we may be able to control or hinder and this is exactly what finasteride 1mg does.

Dihydrotestosterone is actually the hormone that is responsible for the thinning out of hair follicles.  But since this hormone is only a byproduct of two other substances – testosterone and 5α reductase enzyme, finasteride 1mg is able to hinder the production of dihydrotestosterone by inhibiting the 5α reductase enzyme from turning your testosterone hormone into dihydrotestosterone.  Thus, finasteride 1mg is able to succeed in truly stopping loss of hair by limiting the production levels of the hormone that thins out the hair follicles.  For this reason, finasteride 1mg is the only real solution in helping you stop losing your hair. If you are suffering from male pattern baldness, don’t hesitate and start using finasteride 1mg as finasteride 1mg is the only drug that can truly help you from becoming totally bald.