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Treat Urinary Tract Infection with Flagyl 500 mg

Flagyl 500 mg is an antibiotic drug that is used for treating bacterial infections like urinary tract infection (UTI).  Unlike amoxicillin that can easily be purchased over-the-counter, Flagyl is a prescription medication.  This means only a licensed physician can issue you a prescription of Flagyl 500 mg for whatever bacterial infection that needs to be treated.  When it comes to treating UTI, Flagyl 500 mg is not usually the first thing that comes in mind when doctors attempt to treat their patients with UTI.  However, if the infection is troublesome or recurring, the only choice of medical professionals is to truly purge the system from any bacteria and infection with the use of Flagyl 500 mg.  The normal course of Flagyl 500 mg antibiotic treatment for urinary tract infection is 7 days. Continue reading