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Why Sildenafil Citrate 100mg Is A Man’s Best Friend

Failed to get it hard and stay hard? Then you must have ED or erectile dysfunction. A lot of men worldwide are suffering this sexual problem and the battle is not yours alone to face. Despite being common, a lot of guys still feel embarrassed even just to talk about it. If you want to manage the symptoms and get over it, then you have to face your ED problem boldly and bravely. You will need support from your partner, your doctor, and those people who have the same issues with you. Although more common in elderly men, ED can affect any age starting 20. The aggravating truth about ED is that it no more picks any age. Continue reading

When to Buy Sildenafil Over the Counter

When it comes to erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment drugs, sildenafil will be the first thing that comes to mind.  After all, this is the ED drug that started it all – the whole ED medication and stuff.  Sildenafil was released back in the late 90s and it modernized the treatment for male impotence.  This revolutionary ED drug is classified these days as a PDE5 inhibitor drug and helps men with erection issues to achieve penile erection despite having impairment with their erectile functions.  Most men who have male sexual dysfunction ED prefer using sildenafil as it is not only safe, but it is also very effective.

Erectile dysfunction is a very dreaded condition to have for any man as this male sexual condition prevents you from having sex successfully.  Basically, you lose function and use of your manhood when you have this condition which is why impotence is a terrible condition to develop.  Sadly, 1 out of 5 men will develop this within their lifetime and thus giving any man a 20% chance of getting the condition.  Fortunately, there are highly effective ED treatment PDE5 inhibitor drugs which you can use to effectively treat your erection issue.  Through the use of sildenafil, you will be able to regain your erectile functions back, at least temporarily.

It can be said that sildenafil is the most trusted when it comes to ED medications which is why this ED drug is also the most prescribed by ED doctors (urologists).  If you develop male Continue reading