What Antibiotics for UTI You Should Use

The urinary tract infection is not just a common infection among women but also among men and children as well. It is a result of bacteria that has infected the urinary tract mostly via the anus, or for other reasons due to poor hygiene. Most women who get urinary tract infections got it through wrong direction of wiping, leading the bacteria from the anus to its closest opening. Since it is a common infection, the antibiotics for UTI are also very common. In fact most of these antibiotics can be easily acquired at any pharmacies even without a prescription. However we do not advise you to buy your antibiotics for UTI without a doctor’s consent especially if you are not yet positively diagnosed with UTI. Some other infections might have the same symptoms with UTI. Make sure you have been diagnosed by your doctor and advised to take antibiotics for UTI in order to avoid taking the wrong drug for the wrong ailment.

As we have mentioned there are many antibiotics for UTI you can buy today at your local drug stores. You can even buy them online. Among the most prescribed antibiotics for UTI is amoxicillin. Patients with urinary tract infections are generally required to take amoxicillin 500 mg for about a week until the symptoms are all gone. For some cases the dosage may vary. Your doctor might prescribe you with a lower dosage if you have low tolerance for drugs. Children and elderly people are generally prescribed with a lower dosage of antibiotics for UTI. This is the main reason why a consultation to your doctor is very important. Taking the wrong dosage to treat an infection can have dangerous consequences in the future. We are all aware that antibiotics can increase your body’s resistance against these drugs. If this will happen, your body will no longer respond with the lower class of antibiotics the next time you get an infection. And infections that cannot be treated are fatal.

Some people might also have allergic reactions with antibiotics for UTI. In this case your doctor will discuss to you alternatives for treatment. Or he might also advise you to take smaller dosages during the course of your treatment.

As what we have mentioned there are so many antibiotics for UTI available today. To choose whether which one is the best actually depends on your condition or preferences. But still the best person that can advise you which antibiotics for UTI that will work best for you is your doctor.

Once you have bought your antibiotics for UTI, you should not share these with other people even if they show the same symptoms. Keep your medicines in a safe cabinet. Do not forget to check the expiration dates of the antibiotics for UTI, especially if you have bought them online. Throw away your left over medicines that have already expired to avoid any accidents. Follow your doctor’s instructions once you begin taking antibiotics for UTI.